The New Incunable Print Shop

How to order a poster:

We are currently accepting orders for poster / flyer designs. The designs will be made using print blocks made participants who worked with us in Leicester. You will be able to submit text and the final design will be created for you. You will not be able to influence the look of the final design.

You get what you get and you don't get upset.

To order, please send us the following information:

Main text line (e.g. event name / band name / company / title):

Text line 2 (e.g. date / product):

Text line 3 (e.g. venue / web address):

Text line 4 (e.g. price / other info):

Send this info to

or contact us via Facebook here.

Keep the text short.

You should receive a digital copy of your design fairly soon although it may take a little while, so jobs with fast turn-around times are not recommended. You can print it out and use it online.

This service is free.

A selection of posters made by participants who visited the Print Shop in Leicester during November 2014.

Photos of the final days of the Print Shop in Leicester.

We are using 3d printing to make our print blocks. Visitors to the project make designs which are printed out as a 3d print block. These are added to a bank of blocks and used in combination by visitors to create poster designs.

We are using Inkscape to convert scanned drawings into vector files and Tinkercad to convert the vectors into 3d files for printing.

This project is part of Affective Digital Histories in partnership with Leicester Phoenix.

You get what you get and you don't get upset.

The New Incunable Print Shop now taking orders online. See how to order opposite.

Original designs were made by participants who visited us at LCB Depot, Leicester between 6th-29th November 2014.

A project by Juneau Projects part of the Affective Digital Histories project commissioned by Leicester Phoenix and Leicester University.